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Secret Circus currently offers aerial and acrobatics classes in a session-based schedule.
What does that mean? 
It means when you sign up for a class, you are signing up to meet once a week for apx 8 weeks. Our adult aerial classes are 1 hour fifteen minutes, to two hours for higher level classes. The pricing you see listed next to each class is the cost for the entire session, or it will specify if it is a Drop in class (which means it has a weekly sign up, NOT a session sign up.)
We have only 6 students to 1 teacher for all beginner and intermediate classes. In classes with more than 6 students there will be 2 coaches. This way students can learn in a linear progression, acquire strength and stamina, and work on developing knowledge and theory to help them be more safe while training and have a vocabulary for creating acts for performance.
Our Coaches are some of the nation's finest and most experienced.  We have years teaching beginner as well as advanced professionals in private lessons as well as class environments. 

we can also customize any private lesson to work on other apparatuses, performance, choreography, or even conditioning and flexibility.

Do we offer any drop-in classes?

We currently do NOT offer weekly sign-up Aerial leveled classes.

We do offer weekly drop-in classes that are great for cross-training for aerial classes.

We have a handful of these classes:

Stretch/flexibility and mobility
Aerial Yoga


Wall-Running/ Vertical dance

Anyone can sign up for these classes on a weekly basis- no session commitment! 


You can sign up for Flex and Aerial Yoga in the portal like any other class. Just find the dates you want and enroll. These classes do need a minimum of 4 people to run. We will notify you by email and via facebook's private group if they are running (we also will remind you when its time to enroll!)

You can use these classes as a make-up or pay $15 to drop in current students, $20 non students (only $10 if you buy a Class card!) THIS IS NOT THE COST TO DROP IN TO A NORMAL AERIAL CLASS!

You do NOT need to be currently enrolled at SC to attend these classes- so a fun way for friends to check us out! WALL RUNNING is $25 to drop in. 

More questions? Check out our FAQ page, or email us!
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