We have always gone above and beyond to make sure our rigging was is above industry standard, our equipment is high quality and regularly inspected, our policies reflect our care for proper progression, and our coaches are well- trained and qualified.

But safety isn't just about inspections and using mats. We also care about your mental health and well being, as well as your concern about Covid-19. 

We have taken the last three months of being closed to really think about the efforts we can take to make you (and our coaches) feel safe, while still getting back to in-person classes. We have spelled these all out in the News section in our "re-opening newsletter,"  so please go there to get a full, detailed look at what coming to our studio will look like.


Here is an overview of the things we are doing to mitigate your risk:


All clients will be required to wear a mask upon entry, and will be asked to wash hands at our designated hand washing station. Clients are instructed to leave personal items (aside from a notebook and water bottle) outside the studio. Temperature screenings are mandatory upon entry.  No fever over 99.9 will be admitted.


Clients will adhere to a strict social distancing policy of 6 feet away from each other at all times. Coaches will wear a mask if within 8 feet of another person and will only remove a mask in case of needed instruction.  Hand sanitizer is in the space, and you will be required to use it before touching rosin or chalk bins. 


Each student will have their own apparatus that will not be shared (with the exception of a coach if necessary.) Apparatuses will be sanitized after each class.  No personal belongings in the studio aside from notebook, pen, water bottle, mask, and a hanky for sweat. No cell phones or recording devises at this time. 


Space is limited to a maximum of 12 people at one time. This includes classes (4 max to each class, 1 coach to each class), a work-study will be cleaning, and a few coaches preparing for classes, cleaning rigging.  Most days there will be an average of 5 people in the space with current numbers. Most times will have 1 class at a time in the space.


Silks/sling will be either washed or sprayed with Vital Oxide and then left to dry thoroughly. This is a disinfectant that kills Coronavirus and is safe for use on aerial fabrics. Trapeze ropes and aerial ropes will also be sprayed and left to dry before re-use.


Milgo Plus disinfectant cleaner will be used on all mats and other surfaces that can be wiped down. Milgo Plus is a cleaner used for managing microbial activity on material and kills MRSA, Hepatitus C, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Human Coranavirus, SARS Associated Coronavirus, HIV-1 and many other microorganisms. UV Light sanitizer wands will be used on all surfaces that cannot be washed. 


Industrial vent fans will be left on between classes to clear the air out of the space.

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