Member Training Options

Option 1:

$75 Pro per month

$95 basic per month 

Auto-pay /

3 month commitment.

Option 2:

$85 Pro per month

$105 basic per month

No commitment

Option 3:

$15 Pro per day

$20 basic per day

No commitment


basic Membership Option

We understand the need for a safe and professional training space, and can give access to our studio 5 days a week and the use of our adjustable points.

* For Professional artists please see Professional Training options below.

Basic Membership is for advanced students who do not need constant coaching to train safely.

Who can become a member? 

Advanced students or professional artists who do not need a coaches supervision and who have been found to be proficient in their skill set. We will have an assessment to determine eligibility.

  • Auto-Pay Membership - $95/month for access/ this includes member training times, if other specific times are needed that can also be arranged if space and coach are available. This requires a credit card on file for auto debit monthly - 3 month commitment.

  • 1-Month pass - $105/month, does not require card on file

  • Day Pass - $20/day during member training times or other approved times.

  • A half hour orientation for rigging and space use $50 

When can you train?

Once your membership is approved, you may come in and train any time during our open member training hours. There is no limit to “how much” you use the space during member hours, though there are some limits to “when.” All training time needs to be scheduled 24 hours in advance to run.

Each months we will have designated Member times:

Current times:

Mondays 3-6pm

Tuesdays 2:30-6pm

Wednesdays 2-6pm

Thursdays 3-6pm

Saturdays 8am- 2:30pm


Secret Circus classes and private lessons have first priority for aerial points or other equipment that they might need. We also may have space rentals or parties (if Covid-19 restrictions would be lifted) and member training could be closed during those times, and members would be notified.

please check in with the coach or front desk staff if you have any questions about what space is available. Once your membership is approved, you will receive instructions on how to book your training times.

Training times are limited to a schedule, so that we can always have a coach in the room. these times may change monthly depending on class schedules. 


To be approved for a Training Membership, there is a one-time $50 assessment fee that pays for a  30 - 45 minute assessment and orientation.

In the assessment, we will assess your skill level and together set clear guidelines for what kinds of activities you are approved to perform in the space, based on your current level of proficiency. You will also receive an orientation of the space, equipment, and rigging system.


Equipment can be rented  for an extra charge of $20 a day, or you may bring your own with approval/inspection.  Rental cost covers wear and tear, and cleaning of equipment after use due to Covid-19 guidelines.

Space in our member training program will be limited due to social distancing guidelines. 

Membership Holds:
If you need to take a break from training with us, we can put your membership on hold for a maximum of 3 months, free of charge.

Holds for auto-pay memberships can begin only after the initial 3 month commitment period.

While your membership is on hold, you will not pay your membership dues, but you can re-activate your membership upon return without the need to complete a new assessment or application. If you would like to place a hold on your membership, please email  with the exact dates that you would like to start and end your membership freeze.


Professional Membership Option

In response to the limited support available to professional artists, we are pleased to offer a discounted membership to advanced performers.

If you are approved for a Professional Membership, then you can have any of our professional training options:

  • Auto-Pay Professional Membership - $75/month for unlimited access/ this includes member training times, and other times on nights and weekends when space is available. This requires a credit card on file for auto debit.

  • 1-Month pass - $85/month, does not require card on file

  • Day Pass - $15/day during member training times or other approved times.

  • Class Discount: We believe that students of all levels benefit immensely from the opportunity to train alongside seasoned professionals. Therefore, we offer a 20% discount on group classes to practicing professional circus artists who have a minimum of 3+ yrs of paid performance experience with qualifying companies.

  • An orientation for rigging and space use free of charge.

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