New to Secret Circus?

Here are some FAQ's to help 

Where do I start?

Q: Tell me about how your classes and curriculum works?

A: Secret Circus classes are designed to include all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Our curriculum consists of an Intro class for complete beginners if you choose, followed by proceeding levels. The Intro Series is a single class meant to get brand new students started on trapeze, and a vertical apparatus. Our series classes start at level 1, and Classes meet once per week for 6-8 week long sessions. While most students will advance out of level 1 Series after 1 session, each subsequent level requires many sessions of study prior to advancement, as everyone progresses at a different pace. Students will spend anywhere between 4-10 months or more of study in each level beyond the intro workshops and level 1 Series.

Q: I am interested in taking classes, But I am confused at how to become a student.

A: we are a session based school. That means our sessions run 6-9 weeks (depending on holidays.) To become a student, you can sign up for classes when the new session goes live! You have a few weeks to sign up before classes official start. 

Q: I missed the start date, can i join late?

A: You can still join up to 1 week late, we will prorate the fist week. But after that you have to wait until our next session launch (apx 7 weeks later.) We also have intro workshops for the first 3 weeks of classes, and a few at the very end of the session. You can take as many as you like. We also have drop in classes like aerial yoga, flex class, and conditioning classes, but no aerial level classes.  There is always private lessons which you can schedule at any time.

Q: can I try it before I sign up for a full 8 weeks?

A: yes! We have intro workshops, or email us and if its early in the session and there is a spot in a class, we could let you drop in.

Q: What if I hate it, and want a refund?

A: well, we have never had anyone hate it, but if you want a refund you can get one after the first class, no questions asked. after that, no refunds. Our coaches have prepared for classes, and you potentially took a spot someone else could have had. If you wait longer than one week to drop your class (you MUST do so by emailing or calling us!) You will be charged 50% of your session cost.

Q:I want to sign up but i know i will miss a few classes.

A: If you let us know 24 hours in advance of any absence, we can schedule a make-up class in your level (space allowing.) Make-up classes do not roll over to the next session, so make sure to get them in. We have a private facebook page that allows students to post their absences, and see slots available. We also sometimes post available weekly make-ups if we see students need to get them in. (see our policies page for more details) We do limit the amount of  make-ups per session depending on the length of your session. If you are enrolled in an 8 week session you may get up to 3 make-ups. 7 weeks- 2 make-ups, 6 weeks- 1 make up. We do this to ensure you are getting your practice time in, and taking your training seriously. Aerial art can be fun, and empowering, but it can also be dangerous if you aren't training properly. We don't want our students to miss out on important safety lessons.

Q:how do i sign up?


step 1: check out the schedule page to see what classes are available, and what the cost is. 

step 2: click the big green button to enroll- this will take you to our online portal. 

step 3: register your info. We need name, age, etc. There you will also sign our digital waiver.

Step 4: find the class you want. you can filter classes by day of the week which really helps. 

step 5: check that you have the correct class day, time, and level, and then scroll to the right to enroll!

Step 6: You are enrolled! Now its time to pay! (see next question)


Q:I enrolled and I need to pay. I notice the cost is higher than what it said on the website.

A:We have a few ways you can pay. If you continue through the portal and pay via paypal linked with our site you will incur fees. If you don't care- go ahead and pay, and it will immediately update your account.

if you do not want to pay the fees- you can pay via check, cash, or venmo!

if you pay in any of these forms, you can skip the fees- just add up the cost of your classes, and send money to @secret-circus via venmo, or write a check to secret circus.

We do not accept credit cards, so venmo is a great alternative that can be linked to your bank or card, and is a safe secure site owned by paypal.

Q:okay i paid via venmo but my account still says i owe!

A: We update your account when you check in to your first class, and for other payments we update our venmo, cash, and check payments monthly. Don't worry! if you paid it will get manually updated, and fees removed.

Q: How do I find the studio? Is there parking?is it safe?

A: check out our locations page ! We do have on street parking on our dead end street (D street.) We have PLENTY of space for up to 50 cars. If you ride a bike, just bring it inside.  We are located in the north Philly neighborhood of Fentonville, which is not residential.  We are located next to the SPCA, a block away from the Children's Hospital and a few blocks from The Coca Cola factory. We are in an industrial neighborhood and in 6 years at this locations our fellow tenants have never had any issues with theft, or safety.  We do have security camera's on both ends of our street, and no one can enter our building without being let in or a key fob.

Q:how do i get inside?

A: we are in a very secure building. we do have a doorbell, and we will open the door for you. if you want to stop by to check the space out, please email first, because we might not be there unless classes are in session. It could also take us a minute to get to the door if we are doing a private lesson, eating lunch, or in the air.

Q:What do I wear?

A: wear clothing that can protect the back of your knees, and waist from burns and friction. We recommend tight fitting workout pants, high waists are great. a tank or shirt that can be tucked in or wont ride up is also great.

socks are okay for some things, but you will need to be barefoot for most classes. Gloves are not allowed for aerial classes, but fine for cyr wheel.

What do we teach?

our Aerial classes level 1-3 are mostly mixed apparatus.

We rotate through Trapeze, rope, and silk.

We also have sling, lyra, and silks mixed classes.






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