enrollment Policy / in person classes


If you enroll in a class, PLEASE have the intention to come to that class, and pay for that class before the start date of your first class.

It is super unfair to take a spot from someone who really wants to come to class each week.

If you sign up for a class (8 week class) and drop it a week or more into the session, you will be charged for HALF THE SESSION. You will not be able to participate in classes until your debt is paid.

If you sign up and do not pay your balance in full by your first class  you will be charged a $30 late fee. This also pertains to payment plans. You MAY do a payment plan but you will be charged a fee to do so.

We try to keep costs affordable and allow students to pay later so please help us keep this policy.

Lastly, by signing up for a class you are AGREEING to all of our policies. So please read them below.

enrollment Policy virtual classes

Our virtual classes do not run unless we have 4 students in a class. We will notify you via email if the class is not going to run.

If you call out last minute (less than 24 hours notice) or miss a class. You will not be refunded and your account will be charged. This is our policy for ALL classes always. No make-ups/ refunds without 24 hours notice for classes, 48 hour for privates.

Covid-19 Risk mitigation Policy / in person classes

The facility is making its best efforts to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. But the safety of the community is in the hands of every one of us. I expressly agree and promise to abide by the safety precautions and if I do not I will be asked to leave with no refund or class credit. (keep in mind you may not come to class or enter facility with a fever of 99.5 or higher.)

1. You must wear a well fitting mask (worn pinched over bridge of nose, and tucked under chin) when entering our building, and the mask must be worn when walking through the warehouse to use the restrooms. 

2. Only the "ladies" restroom will be used for all Secret Circus Students as a "All/Non- gendered restroom." This is OUR restroom and is not shared by warehouse workers at this time.

3. Upon entering the warehouse we have a hand washing station. Please drop off your belongings in a cubby outside the studio and then wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. No extra items may come with you into the studio aside from your water bottle. No phones, no bags, no shoes.

4. Students may not congregate at the desk in our studio- if you need to pay, please stand in line with at least 6 feet of space between yourself and the next client.

5. When entering the studio be sure to use IN side (right side when standing outside the studio.)

6. Wear your mask when doing your warm-up to keep micro-droplets to a minimum. Sanitize your hands before removing your mask, and please have a bag to place your mask when not in use. If you need to re-use your mask- make sure to sanitize your hands after applying your mask again.

7. During your class you will be using your own apparatus and will not be sharing with any other students. After class please help wipe down your mat, and help sanitize your apparatus with the appropriate sanitizer (uv-light/Clorox wipes/spray sanitizer.)

8. There will be skills that need a hands on spot, but teachers will try to keep as much distance as safely possible when coaching.

Absences, Make-ups & Drop-ins.

If you know you can't make a few classes before the session starts, we can totally pro-rate it, but we'll have to first allow full time students to enroll.  Please contact us to discuss your options and we can enroll you.


Try to let us know of upcoming absences to make room for drop-in students. This also makes it much easier for us to continue to allow credits for your absence if others can take that spot. *Ground classes like Cyr Wheel, Gymnastics, Flex, or handstands do not get make-ups in another type of class, but you CAN do a make-up in a handstand or flex class. We price classes to reflect this.  


If you can no longer make it to class, we can discuss how to move forward. If you have a legitimate reason and can give us notice, we will try to credit you what we can. Over two absences we cannot, however, refund or credit you, but hopefully in case of injury or unplanned events we can always talk and see what best fits your situation. Credits do not roll over to the next session. Please try to use your class credits/ make-ups within the current session. You may also use them towards open practice times.


Make-ups are totally cool*. We want you to get what you paid for!  As long as you let us know 24 hours in advance from your class time and make sure you are making up in the appropriate class that has space, we can do it. If you call out last minute for any reason - OR DO NOT SHOW UP AT ALL- you will NOT get a make-up credit or a refund! 


You will only get a MAX of 3 make-ups in an 8 week session. We can not guarantee you will get make-up classes if there is not space in a class of your level. We can offer you open gym as a make-up.


If you plan to miss more than 3 classes in a session we do not recommend signing up for a class if you are a beginner student. This can lead to too much missed foundation material, and progressions, and you will fall behind and this could lead to injury.


Drop-ins are always encouraged (for enrolled students only) and allowed in any class of your level. You can pay via VENMO or cash or check at the time of class. $25 for a normal aerial class,

Just check in to make sure there is room for you!  

NOTE: If you tell us ahead of time that you will be absent, we will try and give that spot away as a make-up or drop in to another student. If you decide to just show up, you may not have a spot. Please confirm! Your class credits from scheduled absences, DO NOT transfer over to the next session. Please try and use your make-up credits within your current session so you do not lose them.



Inclement Weather: If classes are cancelled due to weather issues, we will make the call 2 hours in advance for early morning classes/lessons and 4 hours prior to evening classes. PLEASE check in on Instagram and Facebook for news on cancellations!(@secretcircusphilly) If we DO cancel, you will receive an excused absence, and can make up your class within the current session. (If this happens on the last week of the session, we will allow this credit to be rolled-over.) If we cancel classes due to other events, we will credit your account.

Lateness Policy


If you are going to be 20 mins or later to class, you may not join. You will also not get a class credit.  You are welcome to sit and watch class and take notes.

It is for your safety that you spend time warming up. Please come to class on time, and if you are late, you will be required to spend 10-15 mins warming up before you are allowed to join.

Here are things we expect you to do to warm up:

Go through each joint warm up (neck, shoulders, ribs, waist, hips, knees, wrists, ankles)
10 candle jumpbacks, or 25 jumping jacks, or 10 bur-pees.
30 crunches
Time doing roll downs to down dog, cobra etc.
Arm circles and hand and wrist warm ups.
Straddle and lunge warm ups.

Privacy Policy. 

This ain't called SECRET CIRCUS for nothin'! 


Please no video on any social media without permission of those in the video. This means you need to ask if you can video someone, including your instructor and let them know the intended use. 

We encourage our students to take video for self critique and take notes to reflect on lesson learned. If you do take photos or video and put them up online, please don't forget to tag us! #SecretCircusPhilly


If we find out you have posted to social media without permission, you may not be asked back, or you may have photo privileges completely revoked.



(And thank you!) 

Open Gym Policy 


More time to practice and train, YAY! With that being super awesome, there is also more risk for injury and bad habits. So, here are some rules to follow to make sure you are SAFE!


FREE OPEN GYM with 2 or more classes polices:

If you take 2 or more 8 week session classes in a single session, you get FREE open gym. However, our same policies apply to signing up, or you will be charged.

Open gym needs 4 students to run, and you sign up on Facebook through a private Facebook account for enrolled students (or those approved for open gym.) If you sign up, please make sure you plan on attending. If you cancel last minute, or do not show up (after the open gym has been called as "running") your account WILL BE CHARGED $10 or your class card will be punched!  Furthermore, you will not be allowed to join another open gym until your account is made current.


1. Ask the instructor for help FIRST! If you are unsure, please just call someone over to double check.



Please refrain from teaching other students skills. There is a reason we introduce skills to some students and not others. Just being absent is not always the reason a student missed a lesson. Instructors choose lesson plans depending on who is in class that day, and we sometimes feel some people are more ready than others. There are always progressions, so please ask the instructor for a progression you could work on, or send us a message saying how you'd love to learn that skill in class.


3. Look at our video policy! 


4. Do not try to rig or de-rig on your own, unless you have had a rigging orientation and given permission.


5. ALWAYS use a mat and make sure it is properly placed under you.


6. Be courteous of space and equipment. There is plenty of space, but sharing may be necessary. Pair up with someone who wants to work on the same apparatus as you. Be mindful of those around you and share! Feel free to spot your friend for conditioning, and always ask the instructor for assistance.

Payment Policy


Please make your amount due payment PRIOR to the first class of the session.  If you are unable to pay online, you may bring a check or cash to class for the FULL amount due. Checks can be payable to Secret Circus. If you really would like a payment plan, please email us FIRST to talk about options. We offer a few options and are happy to work with you to afford classes.  If you do not pay your full balance before your first class your account will be charged with a $30 LATE FEE.  For other fee's and terms see our terms in Mindbody online contract terms.


We have a few ways you can pay. If you continue through the portal and pay via paypal linked with our site you will incur fees. Once we are integrated with Mindbody we will accept all major credit cards with a small processing fee.

If you don't care- go ahead and pay, and it will immediately update your account.

if you do not want to pay the fees- you can pay via check, cash, or venmo but payment must be received BEFORE the start of your class!

Find us on Venmo: @Secret-Circus 

Find us on Google Pay: info@secretcirc.us


Registration Policy

All Students are required to register online and sign our waiver. This means that even if you are having a party, each parent/guardian of each child must sign the waiver.

If you or your child show up to an event without being registered (in the case of a class) we can not allow participation.  Our registration however is easy and quick to fill out. You may do so by following any link to class registration.

By signing our waiver you are agreeing to all our polices and risk.


We take safety very seriously here at Secret Circus. Our space is regularly inspected for wear and tear, our rigging is to the highest standards, and installed by a certified rigger. 

Niff Nicholls, the director graduated from the National Circus School in Montreal with certification in teaching circus, and aerial rigging. 

Our insurance is up to date and provided by Borden Perlman through the American Circus Educators safety recognition program.

If we find out a student has been participating in unsafe practices, including rigging somewhere without proper insurance, mats, equipment, or has been advised about practicing on their own without proper coaching when they are not ready, we do have the right to refuse you service. We may also ban you from training in our space, taking any classes, or lessons.

If you do not value safety or good coaching then we may choose to disassociate with you for liability reasons.

We understand that you may want more time to practice, but practicing in a way that can injure yourself or other students is irresponsible. We offer payment plans to those who want to train more, and we also offer practice times for advanced students ready to train outside of a class or private lesson.

Youth / Parent Policies

Parents are allowed to observe class, in the specified location. It is encouraged to stay and watch for the few class, but after the first day we ask that you allow your kid(s) to greet you and tell you all about what they learned after class. We also will invite you back for the last class to show off all your child learned during their session.


Parents should never try to take part in a class or to spot a child unless expressed by the instructor. Exceptions will be made only if you are splitting a lesson with your child, or if you are invited to take part by the instructor. Parents should never try to put their child on any apparatus or equipment in the studio. Children must be accompanied by an instructor when on equipment. Our instructors are trained professionals, and if there is something you would like to see more of or need to understand, please do not hesitate to reach out and speak with them.

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