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June Virtual classes and scheduling system news!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We are moving over to Mindbody online starting JUNE 1!

What does this mean? It means a few things. First, you will have to re-register (I know we are sorry!) BUT- Mindbody has an app that lets you sign up super easily from your smartphone or tablet. Just download the app "Mindbody" and search for Secret Circus. If you can't find us, you may have your default settings set to 2 miles away, so just change your default and we will pop up.You can also just head to our website: and go to the "virtual classes June" tab, or click the button below to view. On this page you can view the entire virtual schedule, sign up, see your account, and more.

What we need you to do!
Please go ahead and register BEFORE you need to sign up for classes if possible. This will allow us to start adding your class credit to your account. If you don't have time, that is okay, it will just make our lives a touch easier.


Since many of you still have class credits, we will be manually entering your class credits/ and managing your account in Studioware alongside Mindbody. This means you will not be able to see your class credit balance at first- so please be patient with us, and feel free to email if you have questions about your balance or got to your account in Studioware to see your current balance to get an idea. By June 1 all Studioware account balances will be up to date. If you are paying for classes via Venmo or google pay, you can continue to do so, but we MUST receive payment before class for you to get your link. The link will be sent out 30 minutes prior to class, classes close 90 minutes before class, but we ask that for morning classes (7:30am, 8am, 10am, 11:15am) That you sign up by 9pm the night prior to make sure we can get your payment settled. This is a big step for us, and when we start to open up for in-person lessons and classes again, we will start accepting credit cards and be doing away with Paypal. Venmo will still be an option for now. We are super excited to start being able to offer more streamlined scheduling. We thank you all for being so patient and for supporting us in these hard times. We have seen many schools close, and thanks to virtual classes we have been able to hold on. If you haven't been taking classes but want to help us out, we would greatly appreciate a donation. Either emailing us to donate part of your existing class credits, or sending us a gift via Venmo or google pay. Venmo @secret-circus  google pay : But if all you can do is take a class- we LOVE seeing you everyday. We are really excited about our June schedule, and hope to offer some On-Demand options for those who have a hard time making a live class. We just think it is so important to have accountability, continue to build our community, and be there for each other as our amazing coaches kick or butts! We honestly believe that these classes are going to keep us in shape and much more ready to come back to the air. We gear all our classes toward staying fit for circus classes.


We will update you on reopening plans as soon as we can, we are in risk assessment mode figuring out all the moving parts of our studio and how best to keep everyone safe. We are currently observing Philadelphia's Covid-19 Guidelines, and we hope you all are properly wearing masks, social distances when you can, and keeping yourselves and each other healthy so we can get back "off" our feet!  From all your coaches here at Secret Circus, we miss you and thank you for your support. Being able to still teach you all every day has been a life-saver for us.  Love and pull-ups, Your Secret Circus Team

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