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Re-opening! Slow and limited.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We miss you all so much and we are so excited that PA is finally entering the Green stage as of this Friday June 26. This means we can open up for limited classes and limited private lessons starting July 1st! UPDATE: Philly has suspended the green phase and is a modified green/yellow phase. Due to this change we have upped our restrictions and policies, and cancelled most of our classes to have only one class running at a time.

What will this look like? Well, a bit different :

Following CDC and American Circus Educators guidelines, classes will be limited to 2-4 students per class max. Each student will have their own apparatus (no sharing unless you currently live together) and we will be sanitizing or changing out equipment after each class.

We will be holding a max of 2 classes in the space at one time but majority of times have ONE class at a time.

General classes will be rotating through trapeze, rope, silk, and sling- we will list this on a calendar on the website, but Mindbody will not show what apparatus each class is on, and it will depend on availability and coach. So check the website to see what each class will be on each week.

All classes will be drop-in to give everyone a chance to get in a class in July, and will be 1 hour long. Students will need to enroll by 24 hours before the class, and can drop up to 24 hours before without a penalty. dropping a class before 24 hours receive no refunds or credits. Classes need 2 to run. These smaller classes mean that students will have more airtime, and just as much, if not more one on one time with their instructors.

We will still be holding Zoom classes for those who want to continue cross training, or who can't afford classes yet, and because we have really been enjoying them and we think it's a great way to stay in shape and stay connected.


Everyone is required to wear a mask to enter the building.

Coaches will be wearing masks or face shields for close contact, but we may need to take them off 6-8' away to make sure you can clearly hear and understand our instructions. This is important because there will also be less hands on spotting (although some skills may still require a spot, and coaches may need to share an apparatus with student depending on availability.)

All students will be required to wear a mask in the building - that means once you walk in from outside masks are required. Given coaches may need to remove a mask (from 8' away), for your safety and theirs, we ask that you keep your mask on at all times aside from drinking water- and when doing so students will remove mask by the ear loop, and immediately put it back on and re-sanitize their hands.

Entering the studio

When entering the building we have a few biosecurity measures in place:

1. Wash your hands. We will have a station set up at the sink directly past the garage on your right hand side. Students must wash hands for 25 seconds with soap.

2. No shoes or any personal belongings aside from a water bottle and a notebook in the studio. NO BAGS, JACKETS, ETC, no CELL PHONES, no recording devices. You can have a bandanna for sweat, but tie it around your water bottle when not in use.

3. Temperature screenings when entering the studio- Your coach or work study will be checking temps and no temp over 99.9 will be permitted in the studio. Students will not be refunded or credited for showing up with a fever.

4. Students will be required to use hand sanitizer after entry into the studio space. We will supply the hand sanitizer!

What about Rosin and chalk?

Students are free to bring their own rosin, but this is another reason why hand sanitizing and masks are important. By keeping masks on and keeping hands clean then there won't be an issue sharing rosin or chalk.

Classes and Clean-Up:

1. Warm-ups will be 10 minutes long and students must stay 6-8 feet away from each other. we will be staying away from any heavy cardio. These classes will be for getting acquainted with an apparatus again, knowing our wraps, focusing on research and learning, incubation of movement/ideas.

2. During classes, students will keep to a single apparatus for the duration of class; no sharing unless you live with a classmate.

7. After class, students will help sanitize the mat they used for class. Please do not rush off without cleaning your mat. We have designated powerful covid-19 killing sanitizer spray, and re-usable rags. Dirty rags will go into the designated hamper.

Classes are spread out by 15-30 minutes to give coaches time to disinfect and/or change out all equipment so it is fresh and ready for the next class.

Try not to congregate with your friends!

We KNOW you miss each other but we want to try and stay as safe as possible. Make sure to give space when entering for students getting temperature scans. We will be checking students in (when possible) right outside the studio in the waiting area. Want to hang out and chat after class? Please do so outside!

Bathrooms: We do share our restrooms with a warehouse full of workers. We need to try and keep to only 3 people in the restroom at a time. Most evening classes won't need to deal with any warehouse workers because they generally leave by 5pm.

How much will classes cost?

Due to having to lower our classes sizes by so much and limiting the amount of classes in the space, we unfortunately had to raise class costs to reflect this.

Classes will be $33.50 per class - remember you are getting more one on one time and more airtime with smaller classes.

You can still use your class credit if you have it available- (reminder that you have to register in Mindbody first so we can transfer your credit from Studioware)

Or you can pay via credit card in Mindbody! Yes finally!

We also will still be accepting venmo payment for those who prefer it. Unfortunately, you can't sign yourself up in MindBody if you are not directly paying through MindBody. Therefore, to pay by venmo, you must first request a spot via email to and pay up to 20 hrs BEFORE the class (be sure to note the date of the class in the venmo entry so it can be referenced). We will enroll you in MindBody and enter your payment manually on our end. This will be a slower process than paying by card, but it is an option, there is no discount for paying via venmo.

Open Gym:

We will be offering an open gym on Saturdays from 1-2:30pm Cost will be $15.

Open gym will be limited to a max of 6 people, and students will spread out. Open gym needs 3 to run. In open gym settings students will not leave their mats unless refilling water or using the restroom.

Who can take open gym?

In order to give active students priority. Students must have been a current/active student level 1/2 or higher prior to our closing in March.

The Facebook group will be used to let us know your preferred apparatus,

But sign up will be done on Mindbody. The same policies apply for clean up and absences.


We know that this is a big expense especially right now, and we wish we had more to give. We will be offering a scholarship based on past class participation and merit. We just hope to be able to offer more scholarships in the future as soon as we can get back on our feet. We will be offering monthly scholarships during our limited schedule, and hope to offer more substantial scholarships as we grow!

Want to donate to our scholarship fund? You can do that via mindbody NOW by choosing $25, $50, $75, $100 or select Custom amount under Gift Cards!

To apply for a scholarship, please email, telling us why you would need and appreciate a scholarship for July. Students who have a large account balance are not eligible for a scholarship.

What about private lessons?

Good question! We will be allowing limited private lessons. In order to make sure everyone has a chance to book a lesson we will not be offering package deals right now.

Every lesson is a one off- but we have lots of availability- and if you don't see what you are looking for you can always request a lesson through Mindbody, email your coach, or to request a lesson.

Private lesson costs have not changed:

$60 per lesson for Jackie, Chi-wen, Dana, Laurie, Stacey


$80 per lesson for Niff and Cody

You should be able to see each coach's availability online- and if you don't see it - that's just because it may change a lot, so we just ask that you request and we will inquire.

We have opened up private lessons for Jackie and Cody starting This Friday June 26.

Cody is available Monday-Friday from 10am-7pm, and Jackie is available Weds-Sunday - most of the day if she isn't teaching zoom. So just send them an email :, or to book.

Make your subject line "private lesson request- Time, Date, coaches name"

When and where can I sign up?

Enrollment for the month of July will open Sunday June 28th at 4pm via mindbody.

So go to - search for Secret Circus and check it out, or head over to your Mindbody app.

We are crossing our fingers that all this is temporary! We are going to take this month by month and hopefully start to be able to at least get back to normal sized classes.

Sign up for as many classes as you like!

We can't express enough how grateful we are to have such a strong, amazing, and supportive community. We want to continue to keep you safe and happy. Any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you all so much!

Now, let's get back in the air!!

PS. We have currently raised approximately $1,100.00 to donate to the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund from the profits of our June classes.

We would love to continue to donate to causes near and dear to our hearts in Philadelphia, and will be polling all ya'll for where you would like to see us give back.

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