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September Session classes and more!

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September is here and our socially distanced classes, mask wearing, and cleaning schedule is running like a fine tuned machine. It's a lot of work, but totally worth it to keep everyone safe and enable us to keep you all in the air.

We still want to maintain small class sizes and also keep students from sharing equipment in class, but we also wanted a way to reduce the price of classes for those who commit to coming to class each week, but still keep some flexibility for those who could not commit with odd work hours and lower funds due to Covid.

So, we decided to add a few "Session" classes to our schedule and also keep Drop-in options.

Session classes are classes that are purchased as a package. So you sign up for a class that meets on the same day of the week at the same time, and commit to coming to that class every week for the session length- in this case- that is the Month of September. Some classes will be 5 weeks and others 4 weeks. Since students can commit to coming to this class each week it allows coaches to plan lesson and progressions for those students, and allows us to add a spot to each class which in turn allows us to reduce the price a bit for these classes.

To sign up for a session class you can't do it via the mobile Mind-body app. It must be done through our website widget or the Mindbody desktop portal. There is no early- cancel options when enrolling in a session class.

If our session classes don't fill and we have a spot or 2 open, we will offer that spot at the normal drop-in rate, but be prepared to join a class that is working on progressions. This means you may have to have something modified if you haven't built up to the drop or skill the class has been working up to.

We are also offering KIDS AERIAL CLASSES!

We have had a lot of interest in private lessons with kids these days, and we thought we might try and add a socially distanced kids class or two to the schedule for those parents who feel their kid might need a bit more social interaction. We have a few drop-in and Session Classes for kids as well- just remember that if you sign up for the Drop-in option you must sign up every week 24 hours before the class. Classes close 24 hours in advance and if the classes do not have at leas 2 enrolled they will be cancelled and your account will be credited back. If you want a full refund we can do that - you just have to send us and email.

We know that this time has been strange and stressful for you all, but we thank you for keeping us a float and supporting us in all the ways that you have. We will still be offering ZOOM workout classes and even have a few On-Demand options for sale/rent on our website for those who prefer to stay at home. We look forward to the day we can see you in person again, even if its with a mask and from 6 feet away!

Love and pull-ups,


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