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Sessions are BACK!

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It is that time of year where the studio is the perfect temperature for taking classes - AND wearing a mask!

The warehouse was quite a mess this summer with The Common Market suddenly getting huge produce orders with no where to put the inventory or the trash. We are so thankful that things have now been streamlined and the warehouse is back to being organized, with MUCH less trash and getting cleaner and more organized by the day.

What is happening in our studio this fall?

We have decided to add some session style classes so that we could help lower the cost per class. We have a 4 week Kids aerial class option, and 4 week Level 1 options, as well as 8 week classes in all other forms. Don't worry! We still have some drop-in options with extra small class sizes for those who can't commit to the whole session.

If you'd like to see our schedule- head to the website and find the SIGN UP tab to view.

Apparatus Specific Classes?

We get a lot of new students asking why we don't have as many apparatus specific classes ie. Trapeze only, silk only etc. The reason we don't offer them is honestly because we have found that our long term students greatly benefit from working in an interdisciplinary curriculum. It has created much more creative thinking, and a better understanding of aerial theory, as well as better long term physical health and less burnout. We do offer individual apparatus classes though for the things we don't add into our rotation as frequently like Lyra/Aerial hoop, and classes that really need weekly practice with certain skills like dynamic movement patterns and spinning technique.

You may have never worked on Silks before and feel intimidated to try, but you might find that each apparatus has more in common than you initially thought!

Creation and Creative thinking classes.

A few classes we have brought back/added this session are our creative thinking and movement classes.

Aerial Dance Choreography: This class will teach you a choreographed act that usually build each week for a few weeks until you have a final product. Giving students a chance work on their own artistic interpretation, build stamina, and find musicality.

Aerial Exploration: This class will help teach you the tools needed to find your OWN pathways and choreography. How to create your own drops and skills, and find your own personal style while learning new ways of moving and thinking!

Technique Classes.

TECHNIQUE! The foundation of all things! Working on your technique can help you become stronger, think smarter and faster, and help you to look better in the air.

We have a few new classes just for this purpose.

Aerial Technique: This class is to help more intermediate level students fine tune their strength and skills. Work on improving your inversions, C-shapes, slowing down or controlling your drops and movements, and getting to know your wraps.

Inversion Technique: This class is a drop-in style class that is taught like a mini-workshop. You will learn tips and tricks for cleaning up your inversions be it getting off the ground or improving your straight arm inversion. Each week will focus on inversions on a different apparatus. You will leave the class with a better knowledge of anatomy and physics of getting upside down, as well as a toolbox of exercises and drills to help you reach your goals.

With all this, we are still committed to keeping you all safe in the air AND on the ground. And that means keeping our studio sanitized, keeping masks on, and sticking to our Covid Guidelines. We have not let up on our safety procedures, and it is definitely a lot of work making sure we have time and space to keep things clean. Keeping classes small means it is harder to pay our bills. So we thank you for supporting us in this difficult time, and we are so happy and proud of this community for taking things seriously and helping us stay motivated.

Staying Home

We also still are going to be offering our Virtual Classes for those who do not feel ready to come to in-person classes. Join us for Yoga for Sanity, Theraband Together, Apoca-Splits, CORE-ona, and good old Strength & Conditioning each week! There are also a few ON-DEMAND offerings to rent or buy on our website!

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