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Summer is on its way!

With all of our staff vaccinated and the majority of our community we are excited to get more students in classes again and announce our Virtual fundraiser Show "Thoughtful Works."

First things first: Vaccination!

We are excited to announce that as of May 14th all of our coaches will be FULLY vaccinated and 2 weeks out from their second dose.

Lifting some restrictions:

We have upped our class restrictions to 6 people per class again, and we are back to sharing apparatus where needed. We still sanitize, wash, and rest equipment between classes where we can, but with so many students vaccinated, strict handwashing and sanitizing procedures and mask wearing, we feel we can start to let students share equipment again.

The CDC has put out a number of articles stating that Covid-19 can not be spread from surfaces and the risk is extremely low. We are still keeping classes 1 hour for now and keeping the cost the same until we have a larger student body. Classes will still only need 2 to run even though we can do a max of 6 students per class.

Drop-in Classes:

We decided to keep our classes mostly drop-in. Mindbody isn't super friendly to session based enrollment and we want it to be quick and easy for everyone to sign up for classes. With Summer around the corner and people itching to go on mini trips or vacations, we are going to keep the drop-in classes for the summer with a lighter schedule starting in June.

This way you can have a flexible schedule and not feel like your are going to miss out.

Virtual show: Thoughtful Works

During this crazy year coaches, our pro and pre-professional members and friends have made some time to explore new works, new styles of movement, or started planting seeds for new acts. This show these artists will be sharing these moments with you. Some acts have been being practiced for months, some are seeds of ideas and the need to get it out there and let others see what we have been working on. Show dates will be the May 15th if we can get all our videos downloaded. So stay posted on where to purchase your ticket to help us raise a little money after loosing almost 30% of our income this year form closures, and a way to tip the performers if you loved what they are working on.


Lastly: Looking ahead:

Coach Cody is leaving us for the summer to teach at camp so we urge anyone who wants to squeeze in a lesson make sure to get in on his class offerings or book a private lesson. He will be gone June 13 through late August.

Coach Niff will also be gone a big chunk of June because she is getting hitched (FINALLY!) Covid has pushed off the event for over a year, so be sure to check out virtual dance trapeze, and snag a class if you can!

Please be sure to email us with ANY questions. We have been doing our best to keep everyone safe, maintain the classes we could, add virtual classes and keep this community together throughout this crazy year. We hope we can start to breath a little easier and we look forward to welcoming more of you back who have been out now that we can all get vaccinated!

love and pull-ups,


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