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schedule dates: (opens 6pm 2/10) February 27-April 22

classes are session based and aerial classes cycle through trapeze, rope, silks, and sling if not otherwise stated.

This means we meet once a week for 6-8 weeks cost reflects the session price!






Enroll in 3 or more classes get Free open training PLUS Free a-la-cart classes and 13% off! 

(ACCOUNT MUST BE CURRENT, and must be  full 8 week session classes)

Reminder- once enrolled you can not drop yourself from a class. please email to un-enroll

Mondays:  8 week 

10am- level 2/3 Aerials  w/ Niff $184

6:15pm- Level 1 Aerials w/stacey $184
6:15pm- Level 1/2 Aerials w/Chi-Wen $184

6:15pm- level 2 Aerials  w/Niff $184

7:30pm- Level 4 Aerial w/Niff $184

7:30pm- level 2 Aerials   w/Chi-wen $184

Tuesdays: 8 weeks 

7:00pm- Level 2 Aerials  w/Dana $184

7:00pm- level 3/4 Aerials  w/Niff $184

8:15pm- Level 2 w/Dana $184

Intro To aerial taster class: 8:15pm January 7th w/Niff $10 cash or venmo

Wednesdays: 8 weeks

10:15am- Level 1 w/Stacey $184

11:30am- open training (90 min) - $10 weekly drop-in or class card

7:00pm- level 1 aerials  w/Niff $184

7:00pm- level 1/2 aerials  w/Jackie $184

8:15pm- level 2 aerials  w/Laurie $184

8:15pm- level 3 aerials  w/jackie $184

8:15pm- level 3 rope w/ Brendan $184

Intro To aerial taster class: 8:15pm January 8th w/stacey $10 cash or venmo

Thursdays: 8 weeks 

5:30pm- level 1 aerials  w/stacey $184

5:30pm- Level 1/2 aerials w/Jackie $184

5:30pm- level 2/3 Aerials  w/Niff $184

7:00pm- level 2/3 Aerials  w/chi-wen $184

7:00pm- level 2 aerials  w/stacey $184

7:00pm- level 3 lyra & sling  w/jackie $184 

7:00pm- level 4/5 Aerials  w/Niff $200 (1.5 hours) 

8:15pm- Level 1/2  w/chi-wen $184

8:15pm- level 3 w/jackie $184

Fridays: 8 weeks 


9:00am - open training (90 min) - $10 weekly drop-in or class card

10:45am- level 3/4 aerials  w/jackie $184

7:00pm- open training (90 min) $10 or class card

Intro To aerial taster class: 7:00pm January 3rd w/jackie $10 cash or venmo


8:45am- LEVEL 2 aerials  w/Jackie $184

10:15am- level 1  w/jackie $184

11:30am- Mixed level Teens Aerials (ages 12-15) $184

1:00pm- open training (90 min) $10 or class card w/ Jackie


11:30am- level 2 aerials   w/jackie $184

11:30am- level 3 aerials  w/niff $184

1:00pm- level 1 aerials  w/niff  $184

1:00pm- level 1/2 aerials  w/jackie  $184

4:00-5:15pm- Wall running/Vertical dance  w/Brendan (weekly sign ups $25)

6-7pm- stretch & Flexibility (60 min) w/jackie $15 drop-in or class card

7-8:15pm- aerial yoga w/jackie $15 drop-in or class card

8:15-9:30pm- Open training w/Jackie $10 or class card

Intro To aerial taster class: 3:00pm January 5th w/Jackie $10 cash or venmo


    pay via VENMO to @Secret-Circus!

or cash or check. we will manually add your payment and deduct the fees from paypal after enrollment!


we have 5 levels at Secret circus

Foundation- level 1: No experience necessary

split level Beginner - Level 1/2: 

For those students who have taken one session or more of level 1, so they know the foundation material, but are not proficient yet.

beginner - level 2-  



Climb to top French or Russian

Foot lock in the air/ double foot locks (fig 8)

Same side hook -decent from mat

Hold straddle 5 sec

wrapping catchers lock

Hold body weight in short and long arms for 5 seconds

Good neutral shoulder position hanging bar and vertical


Pop on and off

Solid pike under bar

Tuck up between ropes (not inverted) short and long arm

Confidence going to standing and back to pike under bar.

Double knee hang

Shoulder awareness (internal/ external rotation, full extension/ depression/ engagement)

Hollow Body on ground and vertical

Grips (normal, crochet, flamenco)

experienced beginner- Mixed level 2 and up/ level 2/3-


At least 2 sessions of level 2


Hip key from big Russian

Invert in air (okay to tag as long as both legs up at the same time)

1/2 roll to crucifix

Double crochet - double crucifix

Catchers lock and op side catchers

Waist hold

Swoop straddle climb

Working on flagging out and straddle climbs/ same and op side


Split leg rotation

Invert between ropes

Ankle hang

Clean up down (pop on, trap stand, invert, trap sit, pop off/drop to birds nest, pike, rock roll- back up and down)

Baby knee beats

Front balance

single knee hang

From sitting roll to bird hang

Intermediate beginner- level 3


Completed at least 4 full sessions of 2/mixed or permission


Knows catchers, hip key, thigh hitch, s-wrap and lock

Straddle climb 3x

1/2 roll to flag

Be comfy working in ropes

Cross catchers/op side catchers

360 drop or Salto

Flair to hip key short arm in the air

Candlestick- key over


Single knee hang

Back balance

rock n roll

Knee beats

Can work in ropes

Ankle hang

Single hand hangs

Short arm in ropes

Split leg rotation


Grips: drinking glass, monkey, crochet, reverse

Understand inside and outside

intermediate- level 4



Beats: bell, pike, scoop, scissor

J-drop/star drop/double star

Straight leg inversion

Wheel down

Swivel hips

Flair to hipkey from straight arm beat

Can work on complex choreography

Key over (no tag)

Knows wraps: u-lock, seat-belt, crotch key.

Knows all have grips/leg wraps: normal, monkey, reverse, crochet, rev crochet, inside-same-side.


Back and forward rolls

Hand beats: pike, scoop, pull over, straddle

Multiple Rotational skills (ie. hip circles)

Meat hook both sides

Easily can do 1 pull-up

advanced - Level 4 rope, level 4/5 and 5


4-5 pull ups

clean swivel hips to s wrap and catchers

Multiple beats on trapeze and rope

Ready to work on open drops, hand-slides, jump troughs and half releases.

Straight arm inversion

Straps 1


At least 1 pull up with ease

Back balance on rope

Front balance on trapeze

Tuck up without tagging

Straight leg inversion

Handstand against a wall for 30 seconds with ease

Class Card Classes:

Aerial Yoga, Aerial Conditioning, Flex Class, 

Must have at least 4 to run. $15 to drop in or use a class card

Sign up will be in our portal

No refunds for no-show. READ THIS FOR MORE INFO

* wall running must have 2 to run, $25 can use as a make up with $2 charge. 

Buy a class card via VENMO  @Secret-Circus

$100 for 10 class card

never expires. Just venmo us with a note (class card)

May share (inquire about permissions)

to renew, just make a payment- you do not need to register.

good for: Aerial yoga, Flex class, Open gym if you are an enrolled student (that means you are signed up for a session class.)

Open training & Professional training

our open training times listed above are for enrolled students only.

if you are a professional or an advanced student and are looking for training times, please email niff at for info on our training memberships, or traveling artist permission.

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