December virtual workshops $25 each


"Round the Bar"- Lyra mounts and around the bar skills.

 with Coach Jackie Zalewski

Hey Lyra fans! This Workshop we will go over all of the beginner to intermediate ways to mount up on your fav circle- and then shift gears to all the ways you can circle your body around the bar.

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12/6- 12/27 How to Float (in 4 parts): C-shape and Beats

with Coach Cody Hayman

Learn how to defy gravity on rope and fabric with c-shape and dynamic techniques. Roll-ups, gooey poses, floaty beats, and drops that don’t clunk but just curl back into themselves like fern fronds unfurling in reverse. Volumes I and II will cover the fundamentals of dynamic techniques and C-shape, respectively, while volumes III and IV will offer more advanced applications of both C-shape and dynamic movement. Students are encouraged to take the whole series or only the parts most appropriate for them. 

Sunday 12/6 1-2pm:  Vol. 1. Beat Pathways 

Sunday 12/13 1-2pm: Vol. 2. Introduction to C-shape 

Sunday 12/20 1-2pm: Vol. 3. More Dynamic Pathways

Sunday 12/27 1-2pm: Vol. 4. Advanced C-Shape Applications 

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Aerial beginnings "the fundamental elements to success."

with Coach Niff Nicholls

Are you a beginner aerialist or maybe an aerialist who just seems stuck and has trouble inverting, feeling strong in your body, or has plateaued?  This workshop with coach Niff will help you understand proper body positions and mechanics for aerial work. 

Great for any level, but awesome for those new to aerial. sign up

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"Spun Magic"- Spinning technique for dance trapeze.

with Coach Niff Nicholls

Join coach Niff as she breaks down the magic of spinning technique on dance trapeze. Learn the fundamental tools to a great spin and how to apply them to bar heights, shapes, and movement. You will learn to float and transfer your  energy to dynamic and self expressive shapes.  Sign up

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